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Here are a few links to things that I've found interesting recently:


The 10k apart development challenge

This is a contest to develop a fancy browser-based javascript and/or HTML5 application using just 10k for your script, including images! There are a few JS libraries allowed that don't count towards the limit, but the challenge of making something good with such tight constraints is considerable. Here's the contest's page.

...and here are the two entries I like:

A fun air traffic control game

A word/letter frequency analyser, with diagrams


More compact web development...

In a similar vain to the 10k challenge, we have a 13k JS challenge, this time covering only games. The contest page is here. My two favourite entries on this contest are:

A minature version of SimCity!

A fishing/sailing/exploration/trading game


Dark patterns

You've probably heard of design patterns (known-good design practices that should be repeated) and anti-patterns (why oh why do people keep doing this?) before. This wiki argues the case for dark patterns. A dark pattern is a design pattern that is bad as in evil, rather than bad as in poor (as with the anti-pattern). Devious marketing tricks, shady practices and general web naughtyness: its enough to make your blood boil! Here's the site.